ConfigFree 7.0

ConfigFree is a software to configure the communication for mobile equipments
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ConfigFree is an application for wired and wireless communication for mobile computing, which includes not only laptops or notebook but also handhelds as well.
ConfigFree is a suite especially designed for Toshiba mobile equipments, and let users have an easy control of all devices related to communications as well as network connections.
As mobile equipments become even more popular by the day, laptop and handheld users need to be able to switch with easy among the various kinds of wired and wireless connections and its configurations, for fast and simple connectivity in any environment.
Up to this moment, users had to know a lot to configure their connections and what is more they had to do the setting manually.
ConfigFree can provide a seamless connectivity, it enables you to use wireless connectivity for enhanced data exchange and meeting functionality. Can also provide the settings of profiles, it captures the connection location for later use, it will automatically switch profiles for improved mobile networking. Another feature is called “Wireless Radar”, it is a graphical screen which displays nearby wireless devices and enables drag and drop connectivity.
So, it is definitely a huge advance in the configuration of communication settings for mobile equipments.

Germán González
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  • Easy configuration


  • Only for Toshiba products
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